The main aim of the folkdance group is to conserve and to transfer the regional and Austrian folk passed on dances. The choreographies of the dances are deliberately not changed and are performed with the original music. From time to time the folk dances are open to public enabling interested youth getting an insight in a new hobby.

In national and international events and competitions, the folk dance group was able to obtain numerous awards for the authenticity and originality of the dances, the costumes and the music.

Participation in international "folklore festivals" and events in the twinned towns of the capital of Carinthia Klagenfurt am Wörthersee and at regional festivals is integral part in the annual work of the folk dance group. Friendships for decades with dance groups from other countries are the unifying element on which we, as folk dance group Edelweiss, are particularly proud.

As a special title the group was awarded by the Carinthian media “Ambassador the Carinthian cultural heritage and dance". In addition to a meaningful hobby the youth contributes significantly to conserve the regional and original dances, the costumes and music as well as various dance traditions.


"Dancing is binding body, mind and soul and special expression of joy in the many forms of dances! "


Dance director  Peter Michael Begusch , September 2015


Rosental Steirisch

Syrien 2003

70 Jahre Jubiläum